16 November 2008

Joy to my world.

Christmas is here!

Christmas, a time to celebrate life, a time to love, a time to remember Him who first loved us. This is no doubt the best holiday of the year. its even better than celebrating my own birthday. Christmas for me is a time to appreciate the ones u love, the ones you've been through thick and thin with. Most of all, its the celebration of the birth of my best friend.

Today i got myself a Christmas present. Relient K's Let it snow baby... Let it reindeer. its my favourite Christmas album. the bestest in the wooorrrrllldddd.

So how do i celebrate Christmas?

well first of all, the month usually starts off with mission trip. Imma going Thailand! wohoo! we're gonna build fish ponds, paint buildings, do a few mimes, clown, sing Christmas Carols. yeah, then when thats done, i've got youth camp. and the best part comes, RANGERS CAROLING! we're the best in the world i tell u. hahahaha.

I like walking around shopping malls in the Christmas season. its the only time i love going to malls. Its always full of decorations and performances. i'll go to Ikea and have a few meatballs, read a book or two while again, listening to relient K's christmas album.

When i'm bored at home, i'd go to flickr, and search for Christmas photos. the ones i like, i save and blog it. hahaha. yea i know its pathetic, but we have no snow or much of christmas deco in our country.

Why do i like Christmas soooo verryyy much?

Its soooo full of colour. compared to other celebrations. and to be honest, christmas carols sound so much better than "selamat hari raya" or "tung tung tung chiang". I don't know if its my imagination or what but, everyone seems to be a lot more cheery and smiley and full of life during the christmas season. so i love having small conversations with happy christmas people. hahaha. I also like cleaning up my room and decorating it with lights and stuff. this is all while relient K's album is playing in the background or ringing in my head of course.

So yeah, this is my first Christmas post. there will be more to come. haha. and for all those who want to get me a christmas present, A switchfoot album would be muchhh appreciated. and for the more radical, I NEED AN MP3!

The weather is perfect
for a sleigh ride
together with you.

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joni lynne said...



*jumps up and down*

and i love Let It Snow...Let It Reindeer

(except the I'm Getting Nuttin' For Christmas....which is freakin irritating, i bet darren likes it hahahahha)

yayyyyyyy christmastime is hereeeee