02 December 2008

So We Thought.

Our world is messed up. People giving their lives to money,fame,sex,drugs,careers,alchohol.Many think there is no way out. No where to go. Some even decide its not worth the effort.So they take away what was given to them, A wonderful life, full of potential joy and peace.

Over the years, i've realized the biggest answer. Love completes all, it cannot be replaced by anything, status nor recognition. but true sincere love.

What they say about the God-Shaped hole in all our hearts is unbelievably real. His love is the only thing that keeps us going. keeps us renewed and forever filled with joy.

You might think that all hope is lost. No, it is not. In our messed up life, Jesus is there, in between it all. We just have to focus our lives on Him. Ignore our twisted thoughts, our small perception of life.

We were meant to live for so much more than we think. It truly exceeds all that we can dream. Just that when we hit the intersection, we need to take the right road. The road to life.

And I'm praying that we will see

Something there in between
Then and there that exceeds all we can dream

And all these twisted thoughts I see
Jesus there in between
And all these twisted thoughts I see
Jesus there in between

So I Thought - Flyleaf

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