25 August 2009

Speak the words i can't deny.

Bad idea leaving some of you pondering in anxiety over my condition. haha, its been a week already since i last blogged about what was happening to me. quite a lot has changed since then.
for one, what i actually picked up was pneumonia. I discovered this last friday when i went to the hospital after realizing the antiviral tami flu drugs were not working.

The doc didn't really know what was wrong with me. So he asked me to go get an x-ray of my upper torso. then from the x-ray, he found pneumonia.

"i was right laaa."


"your son got pneumonia la wei and he has to be admitted."

I looked at my dad, he looked at me and said "you can die ya know?"

hahaha, long story short, i was admitted in and they took care of me and monitored my condition for 3 days. i was placed in the isolation ward of course. no one was allowed to visit or see me. not even my family. it was basically prison with aircond.the nurses took good care of me though. i was given strong antibiotics through drips. it kinda sucks having a needle stuck in your arm all the time.

I started to get better slowly. my body seemed to be able to fight the bacteria off. and it was responding well to the antibiotics. so the doc looked and me and said "what are you doing here? your fine laaaa" and sent me home.

i'm still under quarantine. for one week at least. i'm still sick, still coughing quite a bit but things are much better now. my strength and energy is coming back and i can finally take care of myself. i still have a lot to recover from, but i'll be fine in a bit.

This is all thanks to God. He has pulled me through this whole period. i was put on the national prayer network, my church friends started a prayer time for me, the whole of rangers was praying for me, people from klang were praying, citychurchkl was praying. it worked. Everyone has been just amazing, sending me messages, calling me,encouraging me. i have a loving family of friends and i have an awesome God that is able to heal.

the awesome view outside.

after losing 5 kg's.

Balloons from selangor 7 :D

It really made my day.

since i was allowed visitors, this was my only way to the outside world. long phone bill awaits at the end of the month.

Terry, the drips tower. follows me everywhere.

My tubes. stuck on me and in me.

at the end of a day like mine
all i can say is that
my God truly is
mighty to save.


clarice said...

good to know you're getting better.
still praying for you.
are you allowed visitors in any way?

sophira chong said...

Aw yay, thank God you're better. :)
And.. Terry? =P