11 September 2009

All for love.

Today is known as one of America's darkest days. Most of us can't relate to what those guys in newyork went through on the morning of September the 11th, 8 years ago.We live in a country where a terrorist attack is not as probable. But for them, it was a day of defeat.

8 years ago, we were praying for comfort for all the families that lost love ones, families that were affected greatly from a day's events. but i think its time for us to pray for forgiveness, for love and for change.

I can't imagine the amount of hatred that these families might have had or probably still have toward terrorists. Of course it isn't fair, their loved ones didn't do anything that deserve such a death. But hatred does nothing for the better. Forgiveness on the other hand, can move mountains. If these guys could truly put the past behind them, and pray, pray for the ones who once hurt them, change will happen. A great one at that. So lets pray that these families will learn to forgive and eventually, move mountains.

Terrorists are only humans. They are no different from some of the people we've read about in the bible. Whether they are God's enemies or not, is not for us to decide. But i do believe they have a God shaped hole in their hearts like everyone of us and deserve to be shown God's love. We need to intercede in order for that to happen. These guys have families as well. Our future depends of the upbringing of their children. If their children learn to hate,to kill and to destroy, when will the wars end? pray for the breakdown of strongholds of negative thoughts and hatred being built in their young and fragile minds.

There is no use mourning over the things that have already happen. like Matt Garner says, these things are no mistake, its just a set up for a miracle to take place. But that, is only if we believe that a miracle can actually happen.

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