25 December 2009

Have yourself a merry lil' Christmas.

It started out a pretty sucky Christmas, to be honest. i never really was into the christmas spirit this year, no matter how many times i tried. each of my family members being out or overseas on Christmas eve didn't help either. i was alone, but alone with Jesus :)

So, heart started pounding with ideas of ways i could celebrate by myself, as everyone else was out with his or her family. Cooking instincts began surfacing. yes, it was time to cook, but what?

A Christmas dinner. A raw, honest, simple, straight from the heart Christmas dinner. This recipe must be original. trial and error, the best ways of learning. So i grabbed my bike, cycled out to the grocers, only spent about 8 bucks on Chicken, Peppers, Carrots, Broccoli, Potatoes and whiped up a beautiful three parts Christmas meal. most honest culinary creation i've ever done.

The result? magnifique. The Chicken was marinated with italian herbs and rained with paprika. Slow cooked with Garlic until soft and juicy. Potatoes mashed with love. Broccoli, Carrots, Red Peppers blanched and fried with butter.

Cons? there was too much. Just enough for one extra person, who is unfortunately in China.

Blessed Birthday, Jesus :)

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