24 May 2006

2 month resolution...

Exams are Over!!!!! now what do i do with myself?

-buy a brazil jersey and prepare for world cup(16 days to go!)
-get my power boots before i injure my foot again..
-buy Fifa 06!(comp can support now i think)
-work to my GMA(not much time left)
-work on my math(it sux...hope i got a B)
-find someone to sell me an AMP!!!
-spend time with mah sexy wife(needs an amp)
-Go jammin in studio
-makan lobster with my frenz
-celebrate chow ernz b'day(1u...borin...but for chow erns sake)
-watch X men and pirates of the carribean
-finish readin narnia..
-start reading the prophet and the da vinci code

Holidays cummin!!!

1 comment:

ShiNa said...

hello!, just wanna say hi and happeee holiday! :P