26 November 2006

United we stand...

King of majesty,i have one desire thats just to be with You my lord.
HILLSONGS UNITED LIVE ROCKED 3000!!! man it was so packed wei.kenot move at all(no seriously). wahh everyone was there wei, klang fellas,usj fellas,skool fellas,dumc fellas, GRC fellas but i went with ivan and his dumc gang.
An introduction to the time has come and what the world will neva take was enough to get everyone in their JESUS PARTY mood.
So i look to You,so i look to You.No one else will do,No one else will do.
And everyone stood *cramp* in worship!amen?some fellas took a peek or two at how to play the song.haha... u know hu would la.
It was non-stop worship for 3 hours and an encore finish with ALL DAY ALL DAY NOW and KING OF MAJESTY I HAVE ONE DESIRE!
And we're done there...
After the lights come back on,some photo taking and friend meeting to do.and i just realized how long i haven't seen soph... haha...

Jesus we're livin for your name so take our praises.

Salvation is here and it lives in me!

tell the world that Jesus lives

From the inside out oh my soul cries out.

Greatest love that anyone could ever know.

There is nothing like Your love

What can i say?what can i do?but humble this heart O God completely 2 U!

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph and praise!

Take my life,take all of me

One way,Jesus You're the only one that i could live for!

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