03 January 2007

A Christmas to remember...

Christmas month was packed with ultra fun fun.lets go in order...
Miming!!! went to monash punya cf punya christmas party and did a mime that yes gets ppl crying. it was fun alright. we oni had two days to get the mime perfect and we did! woohoo!summore i played Jesus' part. pressure wei. haha. the food at the party was good.

Jesus was too bz removing make up.

Even here oso.

then whats next? ahh,planet shakers!but i just blogged bout that,lets move on. Carolin at naeden's hse,good food,not the best carolin. i din like it,no practice. but as always,naeden's mom gave the best food u can find in usj. naeden's uncles did an e guitar singalong,they're dam good. JAZZ rocks! then we balik n berwilliams and tidur.

SING IT!!! we want food!


That carolin was on wednesday. next carolin is on saturday, a few homes and Cmdr theresa's hse! we started in the morning,went to a home for destitute women in klang. they so happy we came. they were even happier when sleepy and sunshine aka sunny came out to play some games. Rainbow went on a holiday somewhere near puerto rico. he'll be back soon enough.

Sleepy n sunny ballooning.

Happy ppl with clowns.

Happy person with 'em clowns.

Sleepy tried zech's glasses on and i tried immitating him.(the eye bags sure did that)

Thats all at the womens home... where to next?drug rehabitation centre. sing sing sing(sweat sweat sweat) and sleepy and sunny came out again.(they bored all the time). the guys in the centre oso happy happy.then sing sing felice navidad to you too bla bla and eat! durians,pizza,rambutan and mcdonalds. durians sure do bring back pow wow memories lol. some ppl went on a fruit orchard tour,i was hungry as always so i stayed back. then started playing some guitar and a two fellas from the centre ask me come,brought their guitars and we had a mini acoustic jamming session. was pretty cool,their acoustic skills are better than mine but they say i'm chun(lets face the facts although i'm sure they oso giving face oni,lol) and it was fun. i like playing with ppl hu have the same rank or better than me. then we all baliked and went back to church.

My mini acoustic band

played some bball at church and got ready to go carolin once more. first hse, the chans! was tiring wei,and tjin,my fellow guitarist pressure giler cuz terence was there.haha.after that,my energy all gone d. slept for five mins and headed to ester teohs hse where we had bi hoon for dinner and sing sang singalong and headed to cmdr theresa's hse,finally,woohooo!

Yinggg,mah best bud.

AT her hse, we gave it our best shot.it was gonna be our last hse of the year and i wanted it to be the best. after all that cmdr theresa has done for us anyway. and we sure did our best,i used up the last drop of energy i had left in me. the outcome was good. it was the first time we sang the food song repeatedly after all these years of carolin. we wanted our food, and we sure got it! chilli dogs,potato(ultra tasty),some veges and hot dogs. ohya almost forgot to mention, Lynne came along to join the fun too. and to enjoy the food of course.

may not look apetising but,i wasn't the one missing out,

Its a bird,its a plane!no its just polka dotted lynne.

Zech's tired.so am i.

Wheres Ivan?

Ying: eh lynne,poser a bit... (kononnya)

THEN,we did a christmas play for the kids in my church on christmas eve morning(the very next morning after carolin,can die wei).actually we ran the whole christmas rally,worship and all.the play wasn't easy,it was 30 mins long and got alot of lines must remember.had to practice three days for that but it paid off! A successful rally with half of the kids having Jesus be in their hearts. ALRIGHT!!! SEMANGATNESS BACK!.don't have pics for this occasion though.it was rather a sight to busy to be snapping pics here and there.

And everyone went home for some sleep. untill it turned 7 and everyone was up getting rdy for the biggest bestest event of the year for my church, Christmas eve service(formalities come out). GHM did a very good choir standing still for 45 mins. but it was entertaining and after two hours, time to exchange presents. i got everyone hersheys and everyone got me wtv lah. got alot of nice cards and presents and next was time to take photos(the one time of the year everyone berpakaian chun chun).and everyone balik and i bermurnis.

i look like i just woke up i noe.Naeden mah best man.

Soph, she rocks!and she did look gorgeous that night.
Zech, mah other best dude,ties and all.
Shawna,miss perfect. shes awesome!


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aiyo,which u fellas were there liao.planning on visiting soon?lol

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yeaah. soon...hopefully lah : )