16 January 2007

i like changes.

back to school again weih.morning session means more time to do stuff.can come home and have a great lunch,afternoon naps,FOOTBALL. CONS are u've gotta wake up at 5 sumthin 6 am.it sucks. then u start falling asleep in class and u get on the wrong side of 'em teachers aka GG.And whats worse,morning session teachers don allow u to whats natural - yawn, pee,walk,etc. Some don even let u smile. sad kan.

i'm stuck in 3 ixora 4 this year. not what i expected. but its true my grades went from 70 average to 62.darnit. Everyone else is in 3 cempaka - ivan,ying,andrew,shawna,lynne. Talk about coincidence. PROS are i'm with normal ppl! ppl hu don't go boinkers if they get a B 4 science paper and noe that 70% of 'em skool rules are plain ridiculous. Theres this dude,chee kin,he can't even walk and he can get himself in trouble. thats my class,whee!!! whats more?we have i'd say,pretty good teachers compared to others. CONS? theres not many hu are smarter and can teach u stuff like math or even motivate u to study harder but,i'll live with it.

I'm 15 this year which means i'm movin from adventure to expedition rangers. FINALLY after 5 YEARS.all PROS on this one.thumbs up for me.

whats left?decided to get more involved in the uth in mah church. mayb one day i might decide to do worship with 'em. i wanna see them change alot more than now. CONS are i might have to slowly back out from Childrens church ministry. which i love. this is what happens when u decide to get really involved in stuff.but thats just the way i am.haha.

This year is gonna be a pretty cool year with some new resolutions for me. finally a change in life. i am gonna miss that great 2006 we had though.

peace out.

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