17 February 2007

Red here and there...

Its that time again people,baliking kampung,eating FOOD,getting new clothes and gizmos and collecting moneyhh!! Since my moms mom is staying with me now, and her bro and sis is all over the world,i oni have my dads side which also has sisters all over the world. Chinese New Year Dinners aren't as big as they used to be.

I haven't seen my aunts in quite sometime. Of course they couldn't recognize me or my younger sis. So it was the usual response...

Aunts and Uncs : eh,wheres the three kids?

Mom : nerr...

Aunt and Uncs : walauwei,serious ernot wun?

Kids : believe it!!!akakakakak.

Aunts and Uncs : o so sam,ur in std 5 now arh?

Sam : *deng*... form 3 d liao.

yeap,thats mah family. and as usual,they start commenting on my dressing,hairstyle,looks,etc. next thing u know it,they're talking about how terrible the younger generation is becoming bla bla bla.. whats worse?i have my dad to back them up and give 'em a full report on what i wear everyday... yeap,thats mah family.

The food was okok oni. yee sang was too dry and the whole meal had to little portions. i was dam hungry. but Manners,Sam. Ang pau is getting less and less each year. i used to get 3 digits when i was half the height i am now. this should be the total opposite but oh well,i'm thankful for what i have.

Happy CNY People!

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