26 February 2007


Time flies by fast. i remember it being ivans bday yesterday,now its Ying's turn. but this time it was chowern and dan hu organized it. this was yesterday btw,after rangers.but i din go rangers cuz i was at ivans hse cooking fettucinni bolognese for ying's present. but it ended up being for everyone. i was suppose to take pics of our skills but, we were too rushed.


The very nicely done pink birthday muffins.

Reached ying's hse at 4pm and put our food together with all the others. there was alot of food. more pasta,kfc,dunkin doughnuts,marshmallows,maccaroni and tuna,etc. everyone was there d. and we all waited.that was the boring part. finally she arrived and she was so suprised she din say anything ( a bit like ivan). then me and ivan took her to try the first bite of what was suppose to be her present. she loved it.and so did everyone else though lynne is right,too much oil.
Happy Birthday to U!!!!
the rest of the time was spent talking and mixing around with people i haven't talked with in a while and yeah thats it.i went home early though.7.30pm?everyone else left at 9.
and yes, all the come take pic with me pics.

Chow ERn!!!!
Cherissa and Shawna.
Andrew lied to his mom to be here.
Lynne Tan.
Huiying and Ivan.

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