18 March 2007

I had quite a good holiday...

CF camp was awesome weih! games were cool, night rallies were oklah and worship was good. thats already quite good for cf camp. usually darn borin wun.haha... its probably cuz the form six this year all dam fun to hangout with. but my kai fan team din win la,but i'd say we were the most semangat with songs yells and banners and wtv lah.haha... but yeah,i din do the best job as a group leader... aheh aheh.

But aiyoh, din get to hangout much with my friends.most of the time i'm with all the worship team fellas and dunno lah always running around. and i never could have a proper meal without hurrying or eating leftovers.

Generally it was fun.hahahaha... want details?go huiying's blog.i'm too lazy.

K thats done. what have i been doing after i got back from camp? thursday me and ivan went over to chin ying's hse and did our FRIGGIN HARD geo projek. we got 30% of it done.and that took 4 hours? after that, we went to watch pursuit of happiness in huiyings tv room BUT we couldn't find it. dam potong weih. so we watched CRASH instead. its and uber good movie bout racial conflict. MUST WATCH!!!

Friday i did nothing i think. a bit of studying and my kh projek ( stupid drawings).

Saturday i woke up at 2pm? and finished my holiday homework. Then i went for prayer meeting cuz i have to replace tjin hu is suppose to play guitar. after prayer meeting, naeden,colin and I went to the field to teach the girls how to play football CUZ they entering some futsal competition in my church. Not easy teaching them lorr. anyway,then naeden came over my place to stay for the night. We watched heroes, and went for murni's. finally the usj monkey gets to know whats the real pj like.haha. he loved it. we went home at 1am and watched NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM which is dam corny but funny enough for laughter to fill the air. we slept at 3am though.

Next morning or this morning, i was suppose to be in church at 8am for patrol meeting BUT i woke up at 9.30am.dang. shawna called me 6 times trying to get me up. rangers was ok today. we had telematch games instead of the usual captain ball. that was fun. after rangers, the teoh's, the chin's, the lee's,the chan's,the lim's,the selveratnam's and the D'dharan's went to the selveratnam's restoran and had teatime. i had dinner though.haha. it was fun lah.haha.

Kesimpulannya, i had quite a good holiday. tqvm.

Peace out.

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