20 March 2007

Ooo,what a day.

Oh yesterday i came home from that real boring librarian duty after skool in that african/KDU populated RAPIDKL Bus,took a bath and my sis was like... "eh Sam,wanna come futsal later?all the USJ,Klang and CCKL ppl playing". so i called naeden,and yeah,they all gonna be there,so i decided to tag along.

Got there at 8pm,put on my shoes,warmed-up, and went in. not even 10 seconds into play-time, and i scored a goal!!! an own-goal. DANG. ahaha. but anyway, playing with USJ ppl are very different, everyone's chun and fast. i must start playing with them more often. then oni can improve. PJ ppl playing futsal are just borin... haha...

Plyed 2 hours,paid and headed to Asia Cafe. Its like the Ming Tien of Subang. the drinks there are alot more expensive though. and the pan min sucks. So anyway, i only got home at 1am? my sis was fetching and sending all her kawan around.. so no choice. Boy, we were tired. and cold cuz it rained at night.

After a bath, we sat down and had asparagus soup with finger toast and milo the way i like it... Ahhhh... nice and warm. then i went to bed at 2.30am. 4 hours later, the stupid alarm rang and i had the very horrible thought that i have every morning when i get up to face the world, SCHOOL. oh and next thing i know,its 8am and i'm not in skool?alamak... then i had my little self-debate to get up and go ornot cuz apparently,today i am suppose to hand up my PMR projek. but then again,KH period is over d and all the other teachers ain't comin today..

SOooOOoo, i slept in!and guess what?today was also the picture taking day so that means,its another year of me not appearing in my class photo. whoopie!!!

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