17 April 2007

I don't blog about my day?lol.

hmm Last sunday i went to Church early in the morn for patrol meeting to finish up the new banner and design our mini fort.Then after we were done i studied sejarah... but anyway, thats not what i wanna post.haha.

After Studying, i headed off to uth church. its the first time i'm goin to my youth churches praise and worship!woohooo!!! and whats even better, i get to see jon rob really show his bass skills for the first time! the funny thing is i've been in youth church almost 3 years and this is the first time i'm goin for their praise and worship cuz i'm always on duty for Children Church everyweek. dang...

well... it was quite ok. haha. and i mayy be joining the worship team... yay!!! So then we had our normal uth service and we got into groups and disscussed bout some stuff... emmanuel is darn funny.

Then went on to rangers and we plannned our expedition retreat. its gonna be awesome weih! three days of games,jokes,food and basically bumming around in Cmdr Herberts home away from home in melaka. kenot wait!

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