17 April 2007

TV educated...

Few weeks ago, zechs mom agreed to get some clowns to sell balloons for SK bu4's sports day. hmm... and we all wonder who are gonna be 'em clowns...

RAINBOW AND SLEEPY ARE BACK IN ACTION!!! and its funny cuz neither of us agreed to it.ah but whatheheck.So...

Last saturday me and zech headed to his sister's skool or his ex-school to do clowning.what a pity i forgot to bring my camera.i stayed over his hse the night before finishing my geo projek and homework while talkin to Elysia online and Transfering music into zechs com ( these ppl really need to hear MUSIC) while the three brothers slept noisily.hmm... i was so tempted to play condition zero but i knew if i'd on it, i wouldn't have stopped and we need to get up 6am the next day... it was already 1am?but i played a few rounds anyway (dam i suck alot more compared to last time i played it..erh,six months ago?). in the end i only slept at 3 cuz these air-conditioned brothers turned the temperature down and i gave me a blanket big enough to fit a dog.

Usually when i stay at zechs hse, i'm the latest to get up but this time i was the first!zech was last.. this is how we attempted to wake him up...

Josh : zech get up weih... its already 7.30.

Zech : but we only need to be there at 8...

ahahahha. well anyway, i had nasi lemak for breakfast with the rest of the family and we headed off to the skool. Wei sern,Ray and Goh oso came along to help out. me and zech got our make-up on and pressed the "personality and voice change" button as we stepped outside the storeroom.hmm... suprisingly, we kept having to make more and more balloons cuz parents and 3 to 9 year old kids swarmed the two innocent clowns for balloons that costs 1 buck per balloon(theres no wayy i'd pay that much). the first hour was fine, not too tiring, din have to walk that much cuz they came to us.hahaha.But the next hour,walauweih...

Rainbow and Sleepy decided to walk a bit more since they stayed around one spot for an hour d.By now wei sern,goh and ray had left. When these two clowns asked this bunch of sayy err... 9 year old kids if they want a balloon...

Small indian kid and small chinese girl : hi my name is annoying..

they din really say that but...

Small indian kid : why u talk like that?

Small chinese girl : yeah, so weird, like pondan liddet. whats ur name?

Rainbow : my name is rainbow... rainbow talk like this...

Sleepy : yeah,and what is pondan?

Small chinese girl : like a bit girl liddet.like to dress up like girl and all.

Small indian boy : thats not ur name u liars! i want to know ur real name.U two think ur clowns but ur just a bunch of fools.take off ur make up.

Rainbow : what make-up? this is my face.i no liar.i'm good boy.

Zech whispers to sam : whathehell?!can i kick his balls arh?

Small Chinese Girl : Its make up larr. and ur wearing a wig. i can see ur real hair.Stupid!Don't you both have to study for SPM or something?ur wasting ur time here. nobody wants u here.

Rainbow : *wants to cry*

Sleepy : *wants to cry*

Small indian boy : Don't show ur stupid sad face. it doesn't work around here. get lost, i hate u all. ur so annoying!

Sleepy says to Rainbow : lets go to the field. got more friends there. they don't want us here.

Small indian boy : i dare to go to the padang! once u step there, no one is gonna like u and ur gonna sweat under the hot sun!!!

Sleepy and Rainbow : okayyy... *walks off*

Small indian boy says to Small chinese girl : lets follow them!i wanna kill them!i hate them!i wanna annoy them untill they die!

Zech and sam thinks to themelves : * i thought u hated us?why u wanna follow us?*\\

Small indian boy and chinese girl : *pulls rainbow's pants and kicks him*

Zechs mom : hey kids, don't bully the clowns...Sam.. Sam... erh Rainbow..

Rainbow : *turns*

Zechs mom : i'm keeping ur handphone.

Sam thinks to himself : AHH!!! an. laikit!why did u do that?!!@#$%^&!!!

Small indian boy and chinese gurl : I know ur name! ur name is Sam!!!

Rainbow : nono... my name is rainbow..

Small indian boy and chinese gurl : stop lying!!! liars!!!

OMG!!! u'll neva know how it felt unless u were there. all these TV educated small kids nowadays...hmm. back in my day,even though i really hate clowns ( yeah weird ain't it) i don go kacau them untill like that....

Rainbow : hmm... would u like a free balloon?

Small chinese girl and indian boy : *takes balloon and starts hitting sleepy and rainbow*

Rainbow and Sleepy : hey!!! don't do that.

Small chinese gurl : haha u so ugly!

Rainbow : u uglier... nerr look at ur hair,why liddet wun?*sticks out tongue*ur oso ugly!

Sleepy : *folds arms* yeah!!!

well i think i'd stop talkin bout that now...but seriously,ARGH!!!!then me and zech whispered to zechs mom,can we go now pls???we already made 50 bucks!haih finally weih... but u know what sucks,as soon as the tv educated kids came along, i had a bad stomach ache. u know why?cuz i think i had nasi lemak with ice water in the morning. So means,i had to clown for one our with a bad stomach ache while layaning some tv educated kids. So after we took off the make up, i really needed to get to a toilet. haha... and zechs dad and his whole family was taking ages in the kantin,buying as much food as they could and zech even waited for the popcorn to cook...

Sam : zech wei, i seriously need to go now...

Zech ; hmm... wants some sandwhiches?

Sam : babi! i need to go larrr...

Zech : do you see the popcorn popping?!

Sam : no but i feel my ass popping!!!

Zech : ahahaha... in good time brutha.

then when we finally got into the car,and drove off...

Zechs dad : eh josh, later when we stop at the petrol station, u buy newspaper...

ZOMG!!!! i mean c'mon weih... i'm about to shit in their car and they still wanna buy papers!anyway after we got home and i did my thing and had a bath... wahh.. felt new. then i played condition zero untill mom came an hour later...

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