30 April 2007

Vouchers : a sign of humility.

i just started getting used to my class a month ago.hm.. cuz usually i'm with my other bunch of monkeys and smart stuck up people. my class is a rather humble not-so-smart average class filled with people who all speak chinese or canto [ dam i hate bein a banana].

anyway, last monday was melvins b'day and erh aheh,everyone forgot bout it.He said he had a whole bunch of burger king vouchers and i haven't had good burgers in a while and i have never tried a whopper in my whole life.So we decided to go eat the next day.yay!

in the end quite a number of people decided to come along too. So after skool melvin came over to my place, and we quickly hoped into a cab to 1u [there aren't any burgerkings around anymore] and got there by 2.45pm. what sucks is that melvin left chee ken's number in my hse and i had no cred. and we promised to call him.ahahaha.

So we circled round looking for them and we decided if they don't come to burger king at 3 like we agreed, we're gonna start without them.mmmm yummy! We did start without them anyway. the first burger i ate was a whopper.yay! then we decided to have another one,mushroom swiss... then we decided to have a whopper junior. ahahahaha.

Melvin went to shit after that.ahahaha. then the rest of the guys came and we went on to play pool. i thought they all dam pro,but they suck. hmm. Since they all speak chinese, i've developed a habit of talking in chinese whenever i can, or at least try. ahahaha.

So gayyy... [quote melvin]

It rained after that so we had to wait for the rain to stop since we taking bus. We went to the free internet place at microsoft and played miniclip games,bought rotiboy since kong meng is a vegetarian [vegetarians are always a mystery to me] and took the bus back.

Conclusion, my class doesn't suck after all.and boo to all those dam stuck up smarter lansi jackasses who think they rock.

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