22 May 2007

Movie mania...

Ah yess, its time for a movie review.ahahahaha. about a month ago, my dad borrowed a whole buch of movies from his friend and so did my sis. i took a while to watch all of 'em cuz my comp can't read it. Some of the other movies i watched at other people's house. i think i'll go in order of favourites.lets start with the sucky ones...

I watched this movie with my family at cineleisure. i thought it will be so cool but it sucked in the End. Stomp The Yard is a story of this black guy that lost his brother in a fight and he went on to uni and joined some fraternity there and all they do is stomp and step. i thought it would be a bit like STOMP but it wasn't. i onliy enjoyed 10 mins out of 2 hours of the movie. 10 mins was some dancin, the rest is bout the black guy trying to get this chick and yeah wtv. So, don't waste ur time watchin it.

Then we have the movie that all the guys thought is so cool.. this was about 3 years ago?anyway, V for Vendetta is bout England in the future and how its all corrupt and how this guy,V, is trying to over turn the government the right way. Sure it has a lot of moral values but, its kinda boring and yeah,adults movie. the action is only a small portion [the knives are cool] of it but Natalie Portman,quite hot.hahaha. The movie is 2 and a half hours long.its not as bad as stomp the yard though, like i said,adults movie.

National Treasure is a dumb film. Some dude [nicholas cage] devoted his life to finding some treasure that no one thought existed and in the end he finds it,gets the girl and they live happily ever after.blah blah blah.see i got nothing much to say bout it.

This movie i watched at huiyings house. i thought it would be a good film but it was still boring. i only watched half of it anyway. The Pursuit of Happiness has one dad whos trying to live a life with his son and etc etc. The storyline ain't good i guess. and it has a bit too much suspense. Its cool la cuz its the real Dad and son in the movie,Will Smith and Jaden Smith.[everytime i think of will smith, i think of the song he wrote last time,party starter(ahahahaha)... i oso think of him acting in Bad Boys and him singing the bad boys song "bad boys,badboys,whatchya gonna do when they come for u" ahahahaha].

Then there is the story about the man who has to live in the airport cuz his country is at war and they cannot let him into US soil. its quite okla. A bit borin but Tom hanks is naturally funny. and the chick in the movie,Catherine Zeta Jones, she don't marry him and stuff,so i guess thats a change.ahahahaha.

Haih, Jim Carrey can never change wei. I watched Fun with Dick and Jane the other day. the storyline is boring but the movie is funny itself cuz Jim Carrey is acting in it. Well its about a couple who has a good life and the husband is being promoted in the company he works for and suddenly the company goes bankcrupt. So he and his wife,bankrupt too, Thinks of ways to get their money back.

Drumline is a pretty cool film. Its bout this dude [nick cannon] who plays the snare in the drumline for his marching band and how he does well and gets the girl [i forgot her name d]. But the beats are dam cool weih. i wish i could play like that.hahahahaha.The guy from heroes.nikki's husband,acted in it too.and theres also the black guy from Evolution [dam funny movie] too.

"hi,my name is Forrest Gump.People call me Forrest Gump".Forrest Gump is a good movie.talks bout this guy who i won't say is retarded or anything but just unique and different and how he tells the story of his life. Pretty cool life he had.its another Tom Hanks film.Must watch one.

I watched The legend of Sleepy Hollow last night. u know that dam old movie... erh,9 years ago wun?johnny Depp acted in it too. its suppose to be a horror movie and yes i hate horror films. gives me the creeps,but my sis forced me to watch with her at 1am last night. the legend itself is bout this dude who is headless and goes around chopping ppls heads off and collecting them. Johnny Depp is this dude who has to go to the town where most murders happened and solve the mystery of the whole thing. johnny depp is dam funny wei.neva change at all.hahaha

My sis told me how ashton kutcher punk'd him. He was going to one of his regular restaraunts and asked for his usual and the waiter brought him something else cuz ashton asked him to bring that.johnny depp play cool oni... "this is not what i asked for". then he leaned back on his chair and said, " where is ashton kutcher?".aahahaahahahahaha. dam cool right?

Ashton : yo, u got punk'd man!

Johnny : this is why i never do movies with you.

hmm... whats next?The league of Extraordinary Gents. this movie is dam cool. the storyline is typical but the characters are cool. their taken from all the adventure literature like tom sawyer,Dracula,Capt Nemo,Dorian Gray,Dr jekyll and mr hyde,and the invisible man. they assembled together to stop a world war from happenin. must watch film!

The Last Samurai rocks wei. that is what i call a good movie. The storyline is good,the action is good,everything lah. i dowan talk much about it but u must watch it.it rocks!!!

The Same director did this movie,Blood Diamond. i'ved talked bout it before. This show shows u what is happening in the world from two different point of views. This movie must watch oso. u can learn alot from it. i'm not saying the storyline is good but it does show what people will do just to get what they want.i almost cried watching it.seriously,its that good.it took home the majority of the awards at the oscars and grammy's this year.

The movie,Crash, is a movie about racial discrimination. It shows how racism affects different lives and their all linked to one another. Must watch this movie too but its got dam alot of F words in it.but screw it lah, we watch it for the story. Really cool.Malays should watch it.hahahaha.the story doesn't revolve around one or two characters. it shows different lives at the same time.

Ah then theres the mind boggling type of movies like DeJaVu.hahahaha. The Prestige is a dam cool movie. makes u think alot. talks about two magicians and how they work to outsmart each other in being the best magician. but when u watch u must pay attention or u might lose the whole story.one u finish watching it,u wanna watch it again.

And theres the classics that no one can forget, Indiana Jones rocks!hahahaha. i only watched Raiders of the lost Ark but nvm its enough. not much to say bout it. Steven Spielberg directed it and if u don't know this movie, i'd say u have a really sad childhood... my parents say the last crusade is the best but,i dono.hahaha.

The movie that every guy wants to watch, 300, rocks too!hahahaha. the fighting and action in this movie is dam cool wei. every guy must watch it. its got porn scenes in it though. wonder how it got into malaysia.but screw it larh.wahh then the guys muscles dam cool wei. eight packs.

Now,lets go into the comedies. Rob-B-Hood is a canto jackie chan movie and let me tell ya, i laughed at every bit of the movie. So dam funny. Jackie chan is really getting old i tell you. yeah,everyone must watch this.

Got night at the museum oso. Ben stiller will never change la wei. but the scenes in the movie are darn corny. especially when u have owen wilson acting in it too. i dunno what to say bout it lorrr... hahahaa.

But i'm tellin yah,You Got Served is still my Favourite Movie. i can watch it tens of times and never get bored of it. The dance moves are the coolest and the music rocks. i oso kenot say much bout it.

Now for some of the movies i kenot wait to watch....

Johnny Depp rocks!!!

Megatron rocks!!!

And another mind boggling movie...

And My favourite superhero.

Actually i don't wanna watch cuz its dam lame but since theres Jess inside...

K sry if i dunno anything bout movies cuz i ain't a MassCom student YET. but i just felt like doing this review. i hope u gained more information.

peace out.

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huiying.chin said...

I've watched almost every movie there...

Stomp the Yard- wasn't that bad lor, watched it two days ago...

National Treasure- wasn't bad either

Pursuit of Happyness- I managed to finish it after you got home, it's okayyylor.

Fun with Dick and Jane- sucked lahkay.

Drumline- sounds interesting, you got? Lend me :)

Forrest Gunp- this one also.

Legend of Extraordinary Gents- niiiiice! one of the better films listed here.

Blood Diamond- too lazy, haven't watched.

Crashed- haha, besides all the cuss words, its super racist. hee.

DejaVu- I remember this!!! :p

You Got Served- for the hundredth time watched this :)

I so wanna watch...