26 May 2007

I call it breakthru.

This was the first ever CF rally besides all those real boring and bad assunta rallies ever held. It wasn't bad at all wei. dam alot of CF's turned up [for those who don't know,CF stands for Christian Fellowship]. Taman SEA had the biggest number of everyone there. i'd say we consisted 1/4 of the 300 there.
Yeap,thats alot of peeps.
FGA was my first church that i went to when i was erh... 2 or 3?i've loved it ever since.haha.by now i come back to it after so many years and nothing has changed [besides the new block la]. the chairs,the toilets and all are the same.even the coke machines haven't moved. The church looks alot smaller than how i used to look at it last time.hahaha.
The chairs are the same.

So anyway,guess who came along for the rally. its our dear friend who hasn't hungout with us nor gone for a rally in a loooooong time.yeap,none other than that mis perfect,Shawna!!! woohoo! she didn't have transport there but i picked her up anyway since we all wanted her to come.

Miss Perfect.

Praise and worship was good.they sang old hillsong songs and stuff. FGA has quite number of drummer chicks.hahaa. during worship i decided to make use of my camera. photographers have to be brave enough to go right in front and take pics.thats why i took pics during worship when no ones looking.ahahahaha.

The singing chicks and aaron.

This shot is quite bad cuz i took it in a hurry.

Singing chicks again.

Dam i love his guitar.

Hmm i like this shot.edited it a bit though.

And this is Pastor Judah.

Sandra Chin was the speaker that day. Funny as ever,she talk bout how Jesus is real and all. it was more towards a Salvation message.hmm... i remember lynne laughing real loud when she cracked a joke last year at AYA fest. Then she had an Altar call and yea,i've already been through all these many times and its also a good chance to get pics of expressions and emotions.

All the altar call respondends.

Quite a number were in school uniforms.

Skybear and U leung.

This is Sandra chin.

This shot is bad but it has shawna in it so whattheheck.haha.

Peeps praying for each other.

More Peeps praying for each other.

The bibles left by people going in front.

This dude was the most expressive among everyone.some friend of ivans.

We followed the CF bus back to school and thats when i remembered bout Youth Alive's Rally that was to be held that night at Glad Tidings.but i missed it anyway. could have gone if other people wanted to go.babi sheeshkebabs man.

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