08 April 2007

On His shoulders,for me...

Last monday,my sis,nat and cmdr theresa choreographed abit of a new mime we were gonna do the coming thursday for good friday service. dang so last minute weih but we managed to pull it off. Practices were crazy... and what made it worse was i was playing the main part...

Tjin fooling around during practice.

The mime is a story about a roman soldier's life and how he found out he was the one hu nailed Jesus to the cross. really sad and involves dam alot of drama.and if ya'll noe me,i don't do dramas, i'm a clown. but i got the lines together,thought of moves and expressions and by the thursday, i could do it quite well enough for people to get goosebumps.i've done a mime before this playing Jesus and according to cmdr theresa, 2 people cried last time.

The stripes on his back.

So anyway, the mime was also cool cuz we [tjin,renee,dai and me] doin it with the pioneers of miming in rangers. wahh what an honour. but no wun noes why they only chose four of us and not people like zech or sayf.

din noe i put so much power into whipping him.

I cried oh my God, i just can't understand.

well on thursday we had one or two practices and put on our make up. the older ones realized how long they haven't done it and four of us realized that we've become alot more efficient and pro after doing mimes more than 5 times.lol.

Renee and Diane look so cute!.

Sharing mirrors with ray.

Cool leh?

Me on Pets cam.

Darren wore the right shirt at the right time.

When we really did the mime in front of a 1000 people, it was very good according to alot of people. but i'd say i wasn't for me. i kinda forgot some of my lines. but the outcome looked ok. and yeah, alot of people said they got goosebumps watchin it.couldn't get pics of the real thing though.

After our mime, we watch a bit of the passion of Christ. Its always sad watching it. that day i watched blood diamond ( i'll talk about later on) and Passion of Christ. a day of sad shows. Nat din feel good at all watchin it and kinda passed out but he was ok after that.Then we took some pics and baliked.

Mimers with the boss.

Emo betul.

My sisters.

On sunday, we also did a wayang kulit presentation of the story of Jesus for the kids rally. that was cool too. i got to the the lights. being the lightsman is a chun job. alot more fun than being any PA dude.

Last night, i was writing in my journal and yeah, i realized that no one can be immune to what Jesus did for us on the cross. He was mocked,spat on,betrayed,kicked,speared,striped,whipped untill he was inhuman and unrecognisable. his arteries and veins bursted as his body was hung on three nails. Even His own Father in heaven forsoke him. his disciples ran away and he was left alone to die.No one can ever portray what really happened to Him on that day,2000 years ago not even The Passion of Christ. No wun can ever imagine the pain he went through. and this was all just because he loves us. Can u imagine going through all that and dying in the end just for someone u love?i can't.

You took the weight of the world on Your shoulders, You did it all for me.

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