02 April 2007

Something different...

My uth churches rally was quite chun. its the first time we invited guest bands from other churches to come and perform. thats why i was dam semangated about it. haha. i called 15 ppl to come but only 10 came.the crowd target was 200 but only 350 over came.yay! this means more events can be conducted cuz the crowd number is chun.

Shot 1 : my friends

Shot 2 : my friends

Shot 3 : my friends [ suk munn getting arsenal's results]

The whole event started with our guest EmCee, larry chew. dam funny guy from klang. he introduced Sir darren ashley's band, missing mercury. they rock weih! i'd say they were the best band there that night (though i've been for all of their gigs and know all the songs they wrote) but cuz they were the first band, only half of the crowd was there to watch ( all the malaysian time ppl). i takda pics of them cuz i was eating my dinner that time. and after their performance i went out and took pics of all the rangers who voluntered to be security and usheres.

Hosanna and Sayf

Renee and diane

Don't ask me what they're pointing at.

Tjin and zech.

Jon roberts loved his crew tag.
I loved it too.
The rangers with me and zoe.
Then the most unique band came on stage. they're called Army of 3. they got their name from the trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. awesome name dudes. anyway, their genre of music is Christian metal.all dress rempit and seriously loud. first time weih my church let. if my senior pastor was there, gg.com. but my uth pastor din mind. the bassist was the craziest.zlwin was waiting for him to swing his bass 360 degrees but, he din do it. haha.

Ladies and gentlemen, Army of 3.

The lead singer

The bassist is an emo rocker.

And can sing too.

there were other bands like four letter story. they were quite cool. half alternative rock half jazzy. then the last band was One-ted. they're the only band that has a female in it. they're whle band looks dam good boy except the bassist. he real SS [syok sendiri] in the corner. their genre is alternative rock. a bit like switchfoot.lol.

Four letter story.

One-ted : she sings and plays keys.

The SS bassist : dresses like click-five ( andrew's num 1 fan)

The good boy guitarists : i get dam jealous when he presses his pedal

then the lights turned off,music came on and there they were ,the featured band of the night, Projekct : freedom.no idea why they spell project like that. and no its not a typing error. but anyway, they did sort of praise and worship. wahh its the first time i saw my uth church jump around. but music wise the band wasn't good. they made alot of mistakes. worship was really bad. everyone couldn't understand it. just stand there and stone. they're my pj uth band btw.so that ain't good. haha. arun the drummer, he was quite cool... more like his drums were cool. it was a mix of elec drums and acoustic drums.

Projekct : freedom.

Cool drums.

Ps John Beh, my uth pastor came on after that. he gave his message. it was quite late d. dunno 10 pm d. honestly, i wasn't really listenin to him. aheh aheh. Chowern, suk munn and carrie went off during the message.darn. then altar call came.

Jon R being prayed over by emmanuel and andrew

ahh, then oni we had an awesome time of worship. and praise came. praise was mad weih. everyone was jumping and dancin their hearts out. human bouncy trains started moving and the atmosphere was huge. emmanuel and darren had an R&B battle. Darren beatboxed and Emmanuel showed of his bass skills. i totally forgot i had a camera at that point so erh, yeah. haha. then arun did a drum solo whoch i caught on video but, i dunno how to put on blogspot. alamak. then everyone mingled and went home.


Melvin, andrew,mei wan and ivan

Soph and roberts : their the awesomest church friends i have.


Ivan and soph.

Zoe : hu said u don look good when u take pics with me?lol.

My favouritest pic of the night : Ivan and zoe.

me and joyce were competing to see who can bring more friends... i think i won. hahaha. So i would like to take this opportunity to thank Ivan,Melvin,Andrew,Suk Munn,Jack,Meiwan,chowern and carrie for making it. u guys rock! and for those that FFK me, boo u.

that night i din take proper pics so if u wanna steal any, i'm sorry, the quality sucks cuz i din put the camera to the settings i wanted too.

Alrighty, peace out dudes and duddetes.

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