09 April 2007

A thousand words...

hmm... everyday i'm learning new stuff in my camera. So heres a bunch of pics that me or my sis have taken displaying our canon powershot A620 7.1 megapiks 4x zoom quality.

Half face portrait.

full face portrait [ Subject looks confused ]

electronic device [cd player]

Teddy with reflected images.

The insides of a wira at night.

With flash.

Shutter speed slowed down [ car is moving]

Shutter speed even slower.[this pic is dam cool.]

Normal colours projected.

Black and white.


Aya Fest poster [ with delirious' autographs]

Sepia does change alot of colour.[my art project]

Black and white.[16watts amp]


Pepsi can collection.

Reflected image;sepia.

Black and white;far focus point on floor.[my church music room]

The hand!!! with the ethnic bracelet [angled downward a little off the floor;black and white]

okie dokie. cheers mates.

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