21 June 2007

2 weeks gone.

what's been happenin to me in the past 2 weeks? well,i've been sick.my body finally gave up on me. no more energy in me to do anything except stay asleep and recover. so haven't been going to skool.went on monday though,to go pass up my stupid sejarah projek. and that day sucked man. i almost collapsed.
what else did i do?i finally got to watch another 3 eps of heroes. 19,20 and 21 at li ann's hse. 21 is a sick eps weih. i'm so disgusted by it. still got 2 more eps to watch then i finish the season. season 2 is cumin back in september.
and i danced last week too. for fathers day and uth church. it was oklarr... haha.choreographed by sophina,again. i've done another dance by her 2 years ago. the other uth fellas did a skit that was darn hilarious. they were good considering it was only a last minute thing.we were good considering for most of us not being dancers. and i was sick too remember.
oo and i tried DOTA out for the first time last week too. jia eu thought me how to play.man its not the strategy one la. all just click and kill. i managed to not be the most noob one in the game.and i managed to actually kill but i died multiple times though.haha.its okla generally. i still prefer just playing CS all day.
now,for what i'm gonna do for the next week...
i'm off to REDANG! yay!this is gonna be one big holiday for my whole family on my dads side. the last holiday we had,i was nine.we all went to some lake in kedah with all my aunties from all over the world. now we're staying in some middle class resort at kalong beach and its gonna be 5 days of snorkling again! just hoping this time i won't be dissapointing like kapas [all the reefs are dead].i'll be back on wednesday to collected my report card that says my grades have improved by 12 average points and pushing me to the 1st position in class.yay!haha. so it wasn't a bad term for me and no i didn't do well because of skool. i studied like shit.

Next month i've promised myself to stop all activities untill pmr is over. that means i'm not getting involved in any more uth church and i'm quitting rangers temporarily. so that also means i'm gonna be studying more for 3 months .i'll also be training for kk alot. i'm climbing straight after pmr.can't wait to bring it on!haha. k goodbye people,i'm off. i doubt i'll be blogging about kapas so u guys can go to charmaine's blog.

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