11 June 2007


hello people!i'm back from kapas.dam it was the bom wei! fun as anything.but i'll talk about those 5 days with a whole bunch of athletes later. right now, i want u ppl to go read anberlin's concert review.it sounded awesome weih!the shirt looks real emo and delicate.probably have to hand wash it.i'll show it to ya'll another time.


and i went hillsongs yesterday. it was ok considering we had to go to the video room cuz the hall no space.and it was the first time i went to a rally soakin wet from helping the 10 year old kids to start a fire when its raining.[walauwei.they don even know how to start a fire].and i got to meet huiying's church friends and meet the dam chun drummer called DEL.

this is probably the shortest post i've ever done in a real long time. i'm just doing it so u guys can see the review.so go see the review.especially u tan yilin!.and chin huiying and soph.haha.

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