04 June 2007

Anberlin aftermath.

hmm so i missed the concert which probably ended half an hour ago. but nvm guess what?i'm getting the tshirt!woohoo!!! i wonder how its gonna look like... hopefully a mix of something with their album cover art.

but i'm just hoping its not some print picture thing like pasar malam shirts with their faces on it and saying anberlin.ahahahaha. that would be lame considering i'm paying rm40 friggin bucks for it.

well i guess i'm over the fact that i missed their concert but other people in australia aren't like my new friend roanne lau who loves anberlin and don't get to go this saturday when they come to melbourne.haih.life really stinks. but at least i have the Tshirt.ahahahaha..

oh and meet my favourite skateboarder...

peace out...

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