04 June 2007

Operation : Cotton island.

Goodbye people i'm headed of to an island in terengganu for 5 days with a whole bunch of athletes.ahahahaha its gonna be awesome,hopefully. i'll be back on saturday without pics though cuz my dad took the camera to bali,dam, could have taken some really chun shots there.hahahaha.

Pulau Kapas.

"Kapas is not as nice as redang but still nice"... quote meiwan.were going snorkling!! whee! so that means i'm going snorkling twice this month cuz i'm going redang in 3 weeks time with my whole jing bang family.wohoo!!! and guess what people,its confirmed! i'm climbing KK in november! can't wait.then after that mayb kilamanjaro.ahahahahaha.

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