01 June 2007

It hurts your back.

I watch Spiderman with Shawna who is very happy to watch a movie with us and Chowern who likes spiderman. its quite amazing how we got tickets at 6.15pm when the movie starts at 6pm and waiting for chowern to come untill 6.20 and not missing a second of the movie.haha.

Anyway,many people say spiderman was draggy and boring and the story sucks. i thought of watchin it for the sake of watchin it since i love spiderman. it actually is nice noe.its got alot of moral values in it though and peterparker is one screwed up asshole in this eps.but harry osborn is a much better character here. so sad noe when he died.Chowern Shawna and me were... NOooOoOOO!!!.

Then when Shawna went home,Me and chowern decided to watch pirates. and we managed to get tickets too!!! so that means a movie marathon.hahaha. As always,Pirates rocks wei. i'd say its one of the best story's told.and Johnny depp rocks!!!me and chowern laughed at every bit of the movie.And yeah,Elizabeth Swann kinda ruined the movie liao. Shes so serious and boring. but the movie was still awesome.

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Petrina said...

hahahaha... Yes, Elizabeth Swan is annoying.