01 June 2007

Waterproof Cameras are cool.

5 days before chowerni's bday,we went swimming to [according to ahbeng] celebrate her bday.yess big question mark. since we thought its gonna be dam borin,we decided to go williams after that.yes we had alot of fun at williams for 2 hours.and through the lenses of huiying's waterproof camera,this is what happened.

This is Chowerni.

And this is her...ele kena tipu!

This is ivan gay.

Sam Ivan and Huiying.

This is lynne retarded.

And lynne dam pathetic.
ohhya and this is me,Sam.



Told you we were bored.

This is 3 secs before we had an underwater tea party.

Oh yes we were...

And this is a really cool pic.

The pool [this is a nice shot]

Ranee Gan looks dam hot here.[this one too]

Don't ask if anyone is pee-ing on me.

i would say 1/4 of them are hot.

Who's that sick perv?lol.[look what his shirt says]

There goes 10 bucks.

Chowerni enjoyed trying new food.

And ivan was quite retarded.

I'm never doing this again.

This is miss potential and her jakuns.

And these are my friends.[i dunno why i so tall]

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