20 July 2007

Waiting for my own...

Since i'm waiting for the pics to blog about the rally, i think i shall talk about the guitar i used to play for the worship at the rally. How'd i get the guitar? this dude from DJ,was suppose to be our worship leader, but he bailed out. He has an Ibanez at home which he hardly plays so i asked him if he could contribute at least a bit to the rally and lend me a guitar cuz mine is under repair.when Jeremy[the drummer] passed the guitar to me, i got the shock of my life. ITS FREAKIN AWESOME!!! u shud hear the sound. perfect for a delirious? song.ahahahaha.

well i instantly fell in love with the guitar and took a whole bunch of pics of it after the rally.i even asked jeremy if i could keep it for a week.wohoo!!! the bridges are all custom in their own way. i've never seen it before. and man, the fretboard design is awesome. the guitar is in one piece btw,meaning that the neck isn't attached to the body by glue.haha.before the rally, i spent an hour polishing it. but after the rally, it got all smudged again.

I can see my face on it too.

The uber cool fretboard [ i couldn't get the right sharpness.i was in a hurry anyway.]

3 knobs and one pick-up toggle switch[ but i got this one right]

4 duncan pick-ups, 2 at the bridge and 2 at the neck.

See the nut on the input jack?my guitar is missing that.

And the custom bridging.

Check out the finish design weih!

The potong thing is the guitar don have a tremolo slot so i kenot do all the "WaaA-Oooo-WaAa-OooO" effects. but the sound,aiyoh the sound, ada class weih. the strings aren't good,but that don't matter cuz can change wun. actually i really dunno why i'm blogging this. not like any of u will take interest.ahahahahaha.
Lord, i pray that u will provide an effects pedal and mayb one day a guitar like this for me. i think i shall say thank You for it in advance. =).

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