20 July 2007

Rooftops,Stars and emo spots.

Hmm... that day i was bored. so i decided to climb onto my roof. and i brought my camera with me. it was about 7 in the evening i think.[man studying can be such a bore]. i never usually did go up on the roof last time. i guess i always thought i ain't tall enough to climb[since my older sis always went up there]. but now i am =). My sis doesn't like me going there.why? cuz she says its her emo spot and she dowan other people there.ahahahahaha.

The clouds looked like it was gonna eat me up.

But it cleared later and there was a nice sunset.

and suddenly,the moon was there.
Going up the roof made me realize the whole street has astro.
Then my younger sis came back from skool. and she said, " hey what u doing on the roof?! i wanna climb oso!".then she said, " eh sam,u know u no need climb from outside,u can just walk out from my window."[danggg, but climbing is fun.hahaha] . Then we took a whole bunch of pics.
and i finally get to pose on the roof.
Hmm, i like this one.its a bit blurr though.
She tried taking one too. but i think my pose ruined it.ahahaha
My sis waited for a car to come by so she could take this.
But i like this the best.Simple and nice.
I think i spent about an hour on the roof. i think i'm gonna start doing this everyday. and the best part is, no one notices.whee!!!but too bad the city don't have stars or i'd be spending nights there.ahahaha.[but the place dam dirty weih]

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