01 July 2007

And Breakthru Continues...

Hey people,the CF's [christian fellowship] of PJ have come together and planned the first PJCF rally ever held! The commitee consists of CF leaders from different schools who are passionate for unity and salvation for the CF's of Petaling Jaya District [they're taking it slow]. So be there expecting something extraordinary because this is the very first PJCF event ever held.

If you are just a teeny-weeny bit interested or not interested at all or mayb feel you're too over passionate about this event happening,do steal the flyer picture of this blog and promote it on your friendsters,blogs or whatever you have.or even better yet,you can print it out and hand it to your friends.i shan't pass u guys the details cuz thats gonna make you click on the Rally's blog to get 'em. the link is on this blog, on the right.it is called SOS rally and if you wish to find out why,just satisfy your curiosity and click on it. You know u want to.haha.

And if you really cannot find any reason to support this Rally at all, then support it because i'm in the commitee.whee!haha but thats just a lame reason. So just be there,or be square! [*winks to janielle*].

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