12 July 2007

Emo is love.lol.

After the SOS rally,which is this saturday [do make it] i've decided to stop all church activities TEMPORARILY. why? cuz u just need to know when to stop. well for about 2 and a half years, i've been involved in ministry and man, done alot. and this year managed to make me decide to stop.how? i actually managed to go through what is called BURNOUT. what is that?
No more zech standing up and blocking everyone.
Burnout is the after affect doing more work than ur body can take. physical work?not necessarily. stuff like staying up late,finding chords for Childrens Church worship 2mrw, doing merits,and studying is not good. add a not so balanced diet to that,and it makes it worse! and to send it off, all you need to do is catch a flu.and everything comes pounding down. Fever,stomach aches,diarrhea,cough,soar throat,headaches,body aches,and worse of all,it makes u lose ur appetitte! omg. i've never eaten so little before. only 1 bowl of rice or half a plate of maggi goreng. yeah thats bad. and to top it off, ur body takes around 3 weeks to recover fully. in that 3 weeks, u have absolutely no energy.man just walking up my stairs felt like i just climbed gunung tahan. want to get out of bed oso takes alot of energy.
No more wee yen running in front of the camera.
So i missed skool for around 2 weeks. and no,it was not good.hahahaha. so yeah i fell real sick. then my sis said we all need a break from church activities.and even just now i was having a conversation with dear ol' Joyce.she said yeah, we need to learn when to say No and enough.[this is coming from a klang chick mind u. the extremely passionate bunch!] and i told myself,if i stop one church activity, it won't be fair for the rest. And u know what they say la,either u give God your all or you give him none. So i'm stopping Rangers, uth projects,and ccm worship. and for the first time in my life,i'm putting studies as my priority.because i just found out,PMR is in 3 months.
No more of opportunities for me to pose.
Sure i'm gonna miss rangers, sure i'm gonna wanna get involved with the beginning of something extraordinary in uth church but yeah gotta say No. that day the expedition rangers,went to watch transformers. and i was thinkin,wow,this is gonna be my last outing with the whole bunch for a while.haha.O but after PMR,i'm starting all over again.i'll be alot more free since theres no advance studying to be done. i'm also gonna attend GY camp for the first time!wohoo! kenot wait.
Best of all,no more naeden to come walking in when the shutter opens.

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