09 July 2007

and Gravity Prevails...

Now,how often do you get a movie that u can honestly say its the best movie you've ever seen?movies that will be remembered 30 years down the line are what i call real movies,no matter how lame it is. movies like Star wars and indiana jones are movies that are really worth watching. TRANSFORMERS is the new age of these kind of movies. it is seriously dam good. its so good,that i decided to do a special movie review for it.hahaha. [sams version of course].

Tranformers is already around 23 years old d. their first movie was in 1986.[in cartoon of course]. then after the movie,they came up with other lines to continue the story like beast transformers and stuff. yeah its darn complicated. i never was a transformers fan cuz my parents didn't let me watch [dam sad right?] so i dunno much about it.hahaha.

I think it was Steven spielberg that told Michael Bay to do this movie. and he seriously did a good job at it.the visual effects are darn advanced,so are the audio effects too. although the story can't really satisfy fans, they sure are happy with everything else. michael bay grabbed actors from everywhere.seriously darn random. first u have shia lebouf[even stevens] then u have Megan fox [ confessions of a teenage drama queen] who is dam hot, one dude from Las Vegas [AXN] , another dude from Kangaroo Jack, another grandma from You Got served, An old man from National Treasure, and a dude from Prison Break.

Whoever redesigned all the autobots,making them cooler, sure did a good job. optimus prime looks darn cool. but according to others, optimus isn't actually so small and weak. The movie itself also wasn't really on him. more of bumblebee. they also were focusing alot on the humour. which kinda made the autobots look stupid and lame.haha.

Optimus Prime is darn cool.

His Vehicle : an 18 wheeler.[but the trailer is missing]

I shan't tell you people the synopsis so u can go and find out for yourself. but i guess i also wanna mention how the whole story is related to the bible. You can say that Megatron is like the Devil [even though megatron rocks.haha] who Rebeled in Cybertron and together with the decepticons, wanted to take over everything. He also wants to destroy humanity which is what the devil comes to do.

Because of that, Bumblebee who is the spy for the autobots kinda prepares the way for optimus like John the baptist. and finally together with the other autobots [who you can say are like angels] Optimus Prime comes as Jesus, to save us all. now how cool is that? haha.

Really,you guys have to watch it at least twice and buy the dvd so u can watch it 10 over times. i've already watched twice and i'm gonna watch it a third time this week. and i loved every bit of it,can't get sick of it.its just like how u can't get sick of lord of the rings and you got served. but make sure get to watch it in the cinemas at least once cuz, its really not the same when u watch it at home. don't bother buying popcorn or coke too, you'll never finish it cuz you're too busy enjoying the movie. Even if u don't like transformers and know nuts about it,watch it too cuz like what i said,the movie is good.

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