01 August 2007

Dismantled. Repaired.

K i've been waiting for more pics to appear in the SOSrally blog but after a month,none has.so i'm going ahead and posting what i have. well,the rally is over. i think this would be one of the highlights of this year for me. i put 3 months of hardwork into this.haha.Generally the rally was ok. its our first anyway,just expecting something big next year. and btw,none of these pics were taken by me.

The worship team before worship.

They Jumped and danced and sang their heart out.

and this one's a classic.. " every tribe and tongue"

The Intro.

and this is our damn good bassist from DJ... jun ren.


Emmanuel was the speaker that night.

Doing his thanggg.

The worship team after worship.

Jun Ren... Soundcheck.

Sam and Keith.

Zoe and Jeremy

Melvin the man.

Jeremy the transformers freak.

The Majestic Backdrop.

The Chicks.

The Monkeys.

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