02 August 2007

Haih,the things i do for her.

The intro...

Lynne's bday celebration @curve was a rather solemn one.haha. some people had to ruin the night and piss everyone off. but i still got to see nadia after a year [last i saw her was lynne's bday last year]. and i'm quite happy with the shots i took that night. i've always wanted to have the chance to take some shots at the curve.its a nice spot. the people,the deco,the lights,the streets,the atmosphere.just that quite a number of shots didn't have enough lighting so it turned out a bit cacat. after futsal with the rangers,which was damn fun, i rushed home and rushed out to grab a cab SO I COULD BE ON TIME FOR LYNNE. i could have taken the bus and saved 5 bucks.

the journey.

The stupid babifying cab had no aircond and to save money,i asked the macha to stop at 1u.then the macha had no change. he attemped to rip me off but i din let go.then he started panicking.ahahahahaha. so finally i gave face man. paid a buck extra just for that. then i walked in the not so beautiful sunset all the way to curve. man, i was dressed up and was already sweating like a dog.

The game.

Then ivan gave me a call when i reached cineleisure.told me he'd meet me there. i was busy watching the human foosball game and checking out this damn good dude juggling the ball. Then ivan came along and we played some foosball since lynne and the chicks haven't arrived yet. ivan gave some real good foosball lessons to us. learned some really cool tricks.

Human Foosball.

The unexpected.
When we arrived at italianies,everyone was there d. as we open the menu [i] got the biggest suprise. i thought to myself "man,this is wayyy off my budget". The guys decided to share a pizza so the total comsumption of edible substances [ahahaha sounds damn geeky] was ice water, free bread with olive oil, a bite of pasta that costs 29 bucks when i can make it at home for 5, and a piece of pizza.. total cost? 6 bucks.
The rest.
Then it was just sitting around at starbucks,or monkeying around outside. what a night.
And behold,the pictures.
Dinner was..
I love the deco at italianies.
From curiousness
To emoness.that was andrew.haha.
The present.
Man, i love the curve.
Green Tea Frapuccinno with whipped cream.
Jeremy,the yellowcard freak.
Kevin Kok. the quiet dude.
Xin Hui, the quiet chick.
Ivan,The horny haired..
lala zhai...
Who can be damn scary at times.
Andrew,the shy boy..

Who says tak nak.

aka Miss Perfect.

Nadia,our hot VIP guest for the night who did look good in pictures.
hahahaha.i think nadia cracked a joke which was too funny for lynne.[this looks like two shots stiched into one.stillness and movement.pretty cool]
And both of 'em look awesome.[for once]
ohya,and theres Sam too,the dude who didn't appear in many pics.
Lets move on to the SPECIAL section[AHAHAHAHA.. kidding.]
The star of that night...
aka Lynne Bodoh.[only me and ivan can call her that]
aka Yilini [ only me and shawna can call her that]
and this just proves how much her head moves when she talks.[damn indian d weih.thats why her nickname is yilini]
She looks like Sandra oh here.[see la lynne,watch to much grey's d.]
Hmm... i like this pic. not bad lar the zoom on my camera.
"hey,look what i got!"
"what?"[yeah,another stillness and movement shot.]
"see lah."
Now we move on to the "come take picture with me!"section. but in this case it was more like "eh samjakunapek,take picture of me with everyone one by one.".. my response to that was, " u gilaka?kk since its ur bday." and she[we all know who she is] said," good boyy." haih... the things i do for her weih.[i tell u lynne,u better remember this k!]
Shawna Lynne XinHui.
Lynne Nadia.
XinHui Lynne.
Lynne Shawna.
Ivan Lynne [ aiyooo lynne,why u kenot pose liddet when u take picture with me.]
Lynne Kev.[ahaha]
Lynne Andrew [amboi,comelnye]
Lynne Sam.
Lynne and her jakuns.[ahahaha WE LOVE YOU YILIN!]
Shawna Nadia.
Ivan and shawna
Sam Shawna
then the chicks left and..
Came out.
The Touching outro...
fuiyooo.almost there la.lol.
Eh take care of the shirt i gave u k. and since you confirm appreciate it more than the card, just use the card as a bookmark k. i stayed up till 2am doing it.haha.k thank you for being awesome.ciao the mau.
Happy Birthday Lynne!

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