07 August 2007

Downright Unfortunate.

Soccerthon is over. man, it was one heck of a tournament. unpredictable winnings and losings, mad cheerleaders,funky banners and flags and some unusual bystanders or Ka-le-fehs. Some gayy refferes and hot weather but unfortunately no hot chicks.hahahaha.

Mader no teach!!!

As for my class,who barely managed to raise enough money to send a team, we planned loads on our style,our formation or warcrys. So our team, the SPARTAN MONKEYS made it through the knockout round dissapointingly. we played against 3 Angsana's CIRCUIT BREAKERS and didn't managed to score any goals cuz Hadi was a damn good keeper. he saved all 5 of my shots. so the game went to penalties. and we won 2-1 on that.

Sam said to himself "if u don't score this, no face d."

NEXT day, was the quarter finals against 4 kemboja's BLUES & REDS [???]. we managed to hold on to them for the first half.they started panicking cuz they couldn't score any goals [in other words,being trashed by juniors]. untill the second half, vincent,our dearest keeper passed the ball to the wrong guy[me] at the wrong time and thats when everything went wrong. So i had to block this black dude's shot. babbbiiii the guy is darn big weih. he body contact me and i fell [and to some,rolled] and sprained my wrist. i was thinkin "o shit.nvm lets see if i still can run with it".so i got up and the pain was unbearable so i asked wei qian[my captain] to sub me out. and the GAYYY ref, didn't stop time so some black dude scored a goal while none of us were paying attention.

See the black dude second from the right?thats the bugger.

Then the dude who replaced me,khai chun, he didn't play marking.so he left the left side open for the same black dude to score again.babiii. then later the time finished d but the ref wasn't paying attention,so another goal was scored.ARGH!!!! yes i was pissed cuz the sacrifice i paid wasn't worth it cuz we didn't win.AHHHH!!!!.

But anyway,i'm darn proud of 3 Cempaka's KAMPUNG STYLE AFC that managed to beat the seniors in the semi finals and finals to take the champion win. man, it seriously memalu-ed all the form 4's. u guys rock la andrew and ivan.

Hmm.. my wrist is better now. but i'm still emo-ing over the fact that..


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