15 August 2007

take out your earplugs.

O man, the best time of the year is back! jazz fest ppl! wohoo! Sunrise Plaza Mont Kiara Jazz Fest has been around for 8 years. and since i first went in 2003, i've been going every year ever since. man, it rocks to the max. the whole world thinks our local music scene sucks, its not that bad.but go take a look at our local jazz scene, its international quality. my favourite band is there too. Funk Mob,they'll be playing this Saturday from 10pm to 1230 am and i can't wait. they're so good, it managed to get ivan[the heavy metal rocker] to love it.
Next Saturday, Aseana Percussion Unit is performing. If u love R&B music,this is the way its done jazzy and traditionally. but for now, i'm trying to get my friends to follow me though its in the middle of my trials. Missing this event is like missing caroling with rangers.tak boleh i tell u.haha. heres some vids of funk mob playing last year. they're a jazzfunkrock mixed band. the video quality ain't that good so it doesn't sound that great.but live,they're awesome.can get the most shy guy in the whole world to start dancing.

John Thomas, malaysia's best jazz drummer.

Jose Thomas,his dad.

The keyboardist.he's got some real skill.
This is Julian Chew,guest Saxaphonist.but he's playing some trumpet thing here.
peace out.

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