17 August 2007

Lights, Camera, Rats.

i suddenly have been having this huge want of watching ratatouille. man, its been a while since i've seen a Disney Pixar film. and its darn cute weih. anyway, andrew paul really wants to watch it too.so we tried today,but we missed the show.and that sucked man. so i donno when i'm gonna get to watch it.haha.
Darn cute weih!

and i also have a huge want of watching Disturbia. its not my kind of movie but the trailer did seem interesting like The Invisible. and numerous people have told me its pretty good. not ur average thriller movie.and its got shia lebouf,the joker,inside.meaning it would be a mix of his comedious ways and something that keeps u on the chair's edge.
About The invisible? my sis says it ain't good. but she said the soundtrack is pretty good. its got snow patrol and death cab for cutie inside. and theres even a band called Sparta.hahahaha.

k this is an extremely short post. i'm bored and half of trials have just ended.now i've got a 2 week break untill my next papers.

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