04 September 2007

A milestone.

On sunday, the adults had the family farewell party for the lee's. which is their 5th farewell i think. hahaha. it was in cmdr bee kum's hse. man, the house rocks weih. giler huge and the deco and furniture is awesome. i'm lazy to write anything so..

Living room.

Coffee Table Deco.

The Chat.

The Uncles.
The lamo's.
The Petrified.[well, almost.]
The Ultimate Poser [our favourite supermom.]
My Supermom.
The Noble Host.
The Emotionless.
Lee's Supermom.
The Curious [ don't worry, its a toy.]
The Gangster.
Nat Ho.
The Boss.
The afternoon session gossipers.
Ashley and Vanny
Zech felt like a pro after he took this shot.haha.
The Youthful bunch.

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