05 September 2007

Crash the suite.

After Sunday, everyone still wanted to go see the lee's before they fly off. So the chins and the lims decided to pay a visit to Le Meridian & Hilton KL where the lee's were staying. O man, 6 star hotels rock. and we felt sooooo under-dressed.haha. the pool was awesome weih. and again, i'm still lazy to write about anything sooo...

Supermom's Supermobile.

There was even a harpist in the lobby.

Me and zech blew out a few candles.haha.
The Suite
The pool view from the suite.
The slide wasn't fun enough for us,so we modified the ride.
Babi, zech stole my pose![which i stole from jerrard.haha]
I thought frontflips were cooler than chicken jumps.
The chillex gang.
Lee's, Chin's,Lim's.[and a thong.AHAHAHA.]
The pool at night.
the suite has a huge window with an incredible city scape view.
And Mcd's at KL sentral for dinner.

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