16 September 2007

Purely expected.

Today is sunday.. i went to nuang for a hike [yes, lolo] but i'll blog bout that when i get pics. but where was i?Today is sunday.. means tommorow is monday.. means.. House is back tommorow! wohoo! finally after waiting cuz i am too lazy to ask people to burn eps for me, its back on AXN tommorow at 8pm.

Wow, what a contrast.

Man, Hugh Laurie is one damn good actor. his dry humour gets a grandma's legs kickin'. and i find the amusement in House's colleagues darn funny. they're so used to him d.hahaha. For some reason though, the story is getting pretty corny and out of place. well, season 3 will reveal it all eh?

oh, and one more thing..

Heroes is back in 8 days time! if i'm correct.

and hurrah! soph is home!

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