14 September 2007


Finally got the rally pics from yen. and i stole the shots i took from janielle's blog d. sooo, here's what i took and what others took of me.ahahahaha.

and his guitar.
Justin's shoes.[he kept moving about so i couldn't get a nice one.]
Brandon.[i find this pretty nice.]
The hyped.
I have a shot of this dude at the cf rally in may.
I think that's justin Low's DSLR.
Caught in the act.

Joni's right la. Naevean was the show stealer.
Thomas.[alamak. should have stood back abit.]
The speaker, David Poh.[this dude is about my age. he's hilarious.]
I'm guessing Sophina told him to smile.haha.
Hello Janielle.
OO i love this shot.[zoe was wearing black eye shadow, white earrings,white shirt,and obviously,has black hair. perfect for a black and white shot.haha]
Janielle's Cam.
Zoe Sam.
Thank you, you two for letting me fiddle with ur cameras. i will remember to charge my batteries next time.haha.[yer, yen, u look damn old.]

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