31 December 2007

Close the book.

The year has finally come to an end. 2007 started off sucky for me. i was thrown into a lower class for my bad results last year while my friends were in another class together. but i did get to know a lot of people this year and do a lot of different things.

I attended jazz fest for my 5th time.

I spent 3 days with a whole bunch of fun kids in VBS.

I got a new hobby.no its not checking chicks out.

I visited east malaysia for the first time.

and climbed its highest peak.

and saw the most beautiful sight ever.

I dressed up as a pirate,again.[used my sarung,again.]

Learned a couple of freezes.

Got to know the klang bunch.

I finally got to pose on my roof.

I made the best shelter and killed and cooked a rabbit for survival camp.

I played for a rally for the first time.

I became a leo member.

Said goodbye to dear friends of mine.

Said hello to old ones.

Tried rock climbing for the first time.

Watched childhood friends become rockstars.

and walked around a mall and hotel barefooted.

what a year.

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