31 December 2007

Flip the year away.

i love skateboarding. its too bad i have broken trucks that need to be replaced so i can't continue.well anyway, i still can watch skateboarding.hahaha. yesterday i went to some Comp in mont kiara skatepark with emmanuel and wheng chung. the malaysians sucked,sadly. singaporeans ruled the park. dangit. and theres this 12 year old kid creaming all the old farts. Pa'din musa was there too[malaysia's ex best]. and of course, the bladers were being gay with their grinds. not interesting at all. hahaha. it was friggin hot. but anyway, i got some good shots thankfully.
Mont kiara skatepark.
a pretty neat place.
has a climbing wall too.
Wheng chung [yess, he'd the dude with the helmet at camp]
BMXers weren't bad.
as usual, they can't keep their shirts on.


they had neat skills.
The inliners sucked, i didn't bother taking pics of 'em.
Now, for my favourite sport..
backside grab
360 flip.
Drop in.
Kids are gonna rule skateboarding someday.
Kickflip Indy.
Dumbest grind in the world.
Wohoo! Airwalk!
This kid is damn good.
Varial Kickflip.
hello rempit,and rempit photographer.
Frontside Smith.
Nice undies.
Still has got some stuff in him.
In the end, these two owned the court.they're both from singapore.
We spent about 5 or 6 hours there. watching rempits pull off their stuff. man, our skate scene is dying. haha. but i still have faith in our music scene.BUS COMPANY!! hahaha. what a nice way to end the year.

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