29 April 2008

Like the wind.

Its only once in a long time that Selangor hosts mssm. so i thought i'd go watch. after all, shawna is running. it was darn cool, though they lacked in audience. the atmosphere of being in the stadium was awesome, every state went crazy cheering,singing,supporting their friends. Sabahans were the most semangat. but obviously not as good as Selangor#7[akakakaka].

Shawna bagged a bronze for relays.

Atheletes were like stars. had 110 percent of support. and when the gun shot is sounded, everything changes in a split second. people go crazy. haha it was good being around. except for the hot day and the stupid closing ceremony that took 3 hours. got to see assunta and CHS punye marching band. damn cekap.

CHS marching band.

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