26 November 2008

May Angels Lead You In.

If i were being totally honest, i would say i'm sooooo envious of those whom God gave the chance to see His angels or His home. and i've never understood why the opportunity is only given to some people.

Just yesterday, someone told me she saw angels. that is freaaaaaking cool. As a kid, i've always wondered what angels look like. do they have a human face?how big are their wings?or do they even have wings. hahaha. basically i was comparing the concept to the drawings in the beginner's bible.

As for myself, i reaaaallly want to go to heaven. Just for a short visit, maybe a day or two. and hopefully would still have the will to come back to our messed up world.

Almost there.

My sis found this girl online, she's an artist. a major prodigy. she said gets her inspirations from God. She's a miracle. i can't remember what her name was, or how to find her paintings, but when we were in kindergarten, struggling to draw a perfect sun, She was taking visits to heaven when she was what, 7? and she painted it. it is soooo beautiful.

Last year, i got the chance to see a small glimpse of how beautiful heaven would probably be. It was on the peak of mt. kinabalu, 545 in the morning. truly breath-taking. For all those who've heard my grandad story about my trip to kinabalu, this is why its such a big deal...

Donkey ears peak. i recommend everyone to see this at least once.

Nevertheless, i still do believe the day will come when God will show me something cooler, hopefully, a trip to heaven. and a walk in the park with Him. maybe even dinner with Him too.If not, i'll just wait to the end of my wonderful happy life to see it.

Its worth the wait.

Photo credits to janielle beh and Eunice Peh.

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