23 November 2008

This week the trend.

So why have I been so busy over the holidays?
Have i started a new hobby?
Drowning in my books?


I've been having great fun with kids!

For all those who've never heard of VBS, its Vacation Bible School. that means, When the kids have school holidays, they come to one place for 3 days, and learn bout stuff in the bible. I went for it quite a few times when i was a kid. since i'm big big now, i'm the helper or teacher. haha

Last year, i helped out in the VBS in USJ. i did blog about it.

It was called bug safari.

And i had my favorites too.

This year, Its called THE GENESIS ADVENTURE.

We did pretty cool things for 'em kids. UV light presentations of the creations, drama's with freaking awesome effects, and puppetry .

Actually truth be told, i only wanted to show u guys the photos. hahahhaa, and my favorite for this year..

Ladies and gents, meet..

Joseph Yip and Brandon Goh.

He's 7, and He's 6.

And thats his favorite key.

And thats renee. the one who can drive now. haha.

And this is GEN 2, the awesomest team.

Then came the shirt conteng part.

And for all the Taman sea fellas, this is Shawna's sister,Shaina. hahahaha.

And i also bumped into Soph, who so happened to be helping out. i haven't seen her in ages. or it sure does feel like it.



Clothesville said...
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renee said...

it's brandon YIP!! not goh! doink.xD
and it's gorgeous renee that can drive now...that sounds better..kan? hahaha..

Sam said...

its joseph yip and brandon Goh laaaa. hahahaha. i jaga them for 2 days k. i knowwww. hahahaha