05 November 2008

Skeptics & true believers.

OK so today is part of history. 20 years from now, when our kids are learning history in school, they'd read "Obama was the first black president". and of course, we'd feel darn old. haha, but that's beside the point.

I'm pretty darn happy he won. i think many new things are gonna take place. i don't know exactly what his plans are for the nation or basically the whole world since America controls everything, but its nice to see change once in a while since all my life, bush was the big kahuna.

Apparently there are a number of repercussions in the democratic party winning. stuff like gay marriages and rights to abortion are given. it would have been better if obama was from the republican party. its just that mccain doesn't sound all that great.

Its pretty sad how we would never know a leader's real character untill he/she comes into power, which is pretty much too late. this reminds me of what anwar is doing. based on his history, no one should be trusting him. but its the only hope we've got now. who knows? maybe when he comes into power, he's gonna kick all of us back to china, or for chindians, INTO HALF.

So that's my 10 cents worth on the whole matter.

thank you and don't forget to tip your waiters on the way out :)

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Jonathan said...

Say hi to gay marriages and abortion =).