11 November 2008

Time & Confusion.

I remember myself just yesterday, small, naive, whinny, cry-baby, afraid of everything under the sun,doing stupid things like putting my head through staircase rails and getting stuck. and it was just yesterday. like how i remember it.

but today is today, a full 16 years later. still small but tall, still very naive *ting*, and seeing the world from a whole different perspective. my mom comes up to me once in a while saying "who'd have thought such a small fragile baby would grow up to be like this tall, lanky thing ". and i'd go "yea mom, ok.". but she really sees it, because she watched me grow up.I'll probably understand one day when i get kids of my own.

I've never really celebrated my birthday before. i remember i had a family party when i was std 2. no friends. and when i was form 2, i went for futsal with church friends. thats about it. this year, my new awesome bunch took me out for a full day and even paid for me. i was darnnnn happy.

So a big thank you to :

Dinesh for always being there for me when chinese people wanna beat the crap out of chindians.
Melvin for being the coolest and awesomest 16 year old keyboardist i know.
Jenn yee for flipping your hair and the cow. haha
Carol for finally layaning my humour and getting me the bottle
Sun for being the only one that could understand my antics and play along with 'em
Elaine for seeing the world like how i see it and being the happy cow and not to mention the entertainment. and for the bottle of course.
Melinda for letting me get first in class last year and for being my only motivation to study :p
and though Sharma could not make it, thanks bro for small tamil lessons and for being the shahrukhkhan we all love. and thanks for the deepavali food too. haha.

yilin, gosh, whats there to thank u for? hahaha.kidding. thanks for giving me good music once in a while and our conversations of dreams and goals. haha Shawna, thanks for a wonderful 4 years of small chitchats of everything and anything while ur free, and being ever so thoughtful when i needed someone to talk to :) Ivan for being my motivation to practice my guitar and buy one, for being my arsenal buddy, and the brother that i never had. Andrew paul, for being the jack i could laugh at when we were 10 in sunday school. and still being the jack i can laugh at and with now. haha. Huiying, for the ups and downs, and the lessons we've learned from annoying the crap out of each other.i really do appreciate it :)

and the biggest thank You to Jesus, for being my life saver, my redeemer, my healer, my counselor, and most of all my best friend. thank You for making me who i am today. its been one heck of a journey so far, lets continue it with many adventures for the years to come.

and guess what?
i can pump petrol legally now :)

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