27 January 2009

In love with the 90's.

Teen drama.

when i found out that was the genre of the show, i laughed. laughed because i thought "this so is not sam's thing" but it rocks anyhow. aight sam, slow down. what are you talking about...?

90210 babyyy.

Its damn fake. the actors are just too hot. even the moms are hot. but nolahhh, thats not why i watch it. actually, i don't even know why i watch it. story gets corny too many times. but i guess its just the fact that i've started, and i have to watch till the end. and hey, some episodes even give a pretty good cliff hanger. so i'd be bringing my thumbdrive to school the next day, asking andrew paul to put in the next five episodes :P

Gossip girl addicts claim their show is better. matter of opinion, i know. i'm pretty sure a portion of them viewers watch for Chuck bass and for the guys, blake lively. so everyday its chuck bass this chuck bass that. and a month from now, it'll be some other guy. But us guys have to admit, we do the same. sure, Jessica alba and Angelina Jolie are always top. then theres others like kirsten bell, and the one treehill chick who's name i can't remember, and hayley williams and maria sharapova and for some, Megan fox. But thanks to 90210, and for the thriller fanatics; the hills have eyes 2 and prom night, we've found someone who can join jess and angelina in the top league...

Jessica Stroup.

can't deny it, can you?
ngekkk. haha


carol said...

its not chuck BEST la machaaa

Sun said...

Bass... my gawd... Chuck BASS... but dia memang 'best' la =D

Sam said...

O hahaha, my bad. its just how i hear u all pronounce it. haha.

ivan(: said...

screw you sam, silver's mine. :D

Yi Lin; Lynne said...

Ohmygawsh, Sam's watching 90210.
The show sucks but Jessica Stroup IS gorgeous. Perhaps the best actress in the show, hah.
Nonetheless, Ryan Eggold is hot.

In GossipGirl defense, GG is definitely a better show, hands down.
Better scandalous plots and actors (EdWestwick and Leighton Meester wins).
YOU GUYS just don't think it's up to par because the show is called Gossip GIRL, so you assume it sucks.
Boo you.

I have no idea why I'm talking so much about it but seriously, 90210 would suck without Jessica Stroup.
Imagine if she leaves the show, you probably wouldn't watch it anymore.

PS: 90210 uses SpringAwakening as the musical (and the original SA cast mocks their performance), GossipGirl uses SpringAwakeningCASTS in it.
The Verdict: Gossip Girl wins and MattDoyle is awesome :)

Sam said...

Ivan : u can have the hot mom la. haha

Yilin : wooookayyy. relax. hahaha, u can join channel E critics la. haha.

Yi Lin; Lynne said...

Hahahah, I just felt like it.

YOHOOOO, E!, recruit me!
But seriously.
I meant what I SAID :)


ivan(: said...

Maybe someday gay guys will make a show called Gossip Boys. i wonder. and instead of 90210 a malaysia version of it called 47300.

Yi Lin; Lynne said...

It won't be 47300, Ivan.
It'll probably 50480 (Mont Kiara).

Hehh, Gossip Girl is enough already, no need Gossip Guys.

Sam said...

AHAHAHAHA, ivan ur damn funny la. now the question is, who will be silver's character? haha.

yea, or bukit jelutong or putrajaya. haha.