13 January 2009

Their thoughts we can't decode.

Too long.

Too long have we lived in a world ruled by war, ruled by guns, ruled by men.

Too long have we told ourselves, "its not our problem."

We've had too many twisted thoughts when power was given to us to rule the world. we just end up gunning each other down, trying to find satisfaction in territory, in power.

The war in the middle east has been going on since biblical times. that's a few thousand years. What do most of us think? Palestinians are at fault. Israel is just defending itself. Some don't even think. some figure, "it doesn't bother me, i'm living the life i'm meant to live". I honestly can't even put my ground on the Israeli side. They were suppose to be God's chosen nation. the ones the whole earth would follow. But now, they're taking matters into their own hands, fighting over what might not necessarily belong to them.

While all this is going on, people suffer. they suffer the consequences of irresponsible and unjust leadership. Those who suffer are always the innocent ones. more specifically, the ones who are at the determining age of learning, whether or not what they learn is good or bad. The children.

Its beyond our imagination, what it must be like to live not knowing what lies ahead, not knowing whether that breath we just took, is our last. children are being killed. Starvation runs through the whole region, and now they're being shot. shot for the mistakes and greed of the generation that failed to fulfill its purpose, to teach the next, how to love one another.

People always say the most effective way of teaching, is to teach by example. its not a theory, its a fact. The experienced older people always have a huge influence on a younger, who are less capable of distinguishing between good or bad.

As i was looking at photos of children who died undeserving, i found what could be the most sick, unbelievable, disturbing photo in the world. I saw this.

Children are being thought to hate. even worse, to kill. the missiles say "with LOVE". this is the point where they don't know the difference between LOVE and HATE. killing is a way of love to them now. they've been brainwashed, taught to give back what was given to them, death. We all know that is not the way. and its definitely not the way God intended it to be.

God didn't mean for families to be separated by a single bullet.

Nor did God mean for us to starve.

But that's how we made it to be, a dog eat dog world. full of perverse intentions and wicked desires, where younger ones have to suffer for what their forefathers did. When i see photos like these, hear stories about children not knowing why they have to run,why they have to hide or why daddy didn't make it home today, i long more and more for the day Jesus comes back to correct the mistakes we've made.

How many more small lives have to end before we realize war is futile and love is our only solution?

Jesus there, in between.

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